Exclusive Group Savings:
Your insurance needs are constanly changing. That's why your group has partnered with us to provide exclusive discounts on home & auto insurance. We have discounts with top insurnace companies. Whether you're a safe driver, or one that's run into a bit of bad luck, we have an option for you!

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Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Savings: Up to 15% additional discounts exclusive to members of your group!
Options, Options, Options: We provide quotes from more than a dozen insurers. Sometimes 10% discount at ABC Insurance is more than no discount at XYZ Insurance. We make sure you get the best deal possible.
Grow With You: As life changes (teenage drivers, retirement, etc.) we make sure you have the best coverage & price with multiple insurers, some with exclusive discounts.
Your Advocate: Your group selected us to negotiate best deal possible. Because we're not an insurance company we help you get the best option for your needs.